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Andy Bell Racing Review

Andy Bell Racing Review

Andy Bell Racing Overview

Andy Bell claims to be very well connected in the horse racing industry, having once been very friendly with Dave Nevison at the time when he was at his peak. He has also worked alongside trainers John Best, Doug O’Neil as well as George Podromou. Bell undoubtedly has been around the betting game for sometime. Bell has also worked for The Winning Line, providing successful tips under the pseudonym of “The Insider” before deciding to quit and go it alone on in May 2013. Currently Andy Bell Racing sits third in Betfan’s own all-time proofing chart, claiming over 600 points’ profit since May 2013.

Andy Bell Racing promises to send an email with the days selections by mid-day. Subscribers have claimed that selections may be received at any time during a racing day but early enough to place the selected bet without problems. The bets are very straightforward, either win bets or each way. The selected bets are rated 1 point to 5 points, with 5 usually being a maximum bet.

Andy Bell Racing advises a 250point bank. Potential subscribers should be aware that in the initial welcome email a £2500 bank is advised placing £10 stakes. Many online sources have stated that the staking plan is key. For example in February 2014 bets worth £2500 were made with a return of just £92.60. Deducting the £58 monthly subscription and a punter would have received a net profit of just £34.60, or a return of only 1.38%, not particularly impressive.

Another online reviewer pointed out in detail that with £2 Stakes, a punter would obtain a Gross Profit £225.04 on the tips sent. After the cost of subscription, £130. you would have netted a Net Profit of £95.04. With £5 Stakes, Gross profit on the tips sent would have been £562.60 and after the cost of subscription, £130, Net Profit would be £432.60

As advised, in the welcome email for Andy Bell Racing it is advised to use a £2500 start bank with £10 stakes and this would have accumulated £1,125.20 Gross Profit on the tips.. After the cost of subscription you would have netted £995.20. Accordingly with £20 Stakes, Gross Profit of £2,250.40 and Net Profit of £2,120.40 would have been accumulated.

Andy Bell Racing Review 2Andy Bell Racing Cons

Andy Bell Racing’s recommended £10 stakes is not an unreasonable stake and a Net Profit of £995.20 is achieved after you have paid for the service. Returning a 42% Return on Investment. However, it needs to be pointed out that the stakes added up quite quickly with ten point bets so the percentage return is possibly a better guide to the genuine profitability than the simple points gain at the trials end. Another reviewer using varying stakes made bets on 143 selections achieving 47 winners (profitable bets including include each way selections). There were 89 losers, meaning profitable bets on 34.55% of selections. The return on investment was just 6.41%.

Bell has a big personality and this shines through in this tipping service. The daily emails can be fun and light hearted at times. Subscribers may or may not like Bell’s personal wit and banter and some punters may find the regular typos and spelling mistakes annoying.

Recent contain three bets for selection and subscribers can avail of an early “grab the price” email followed by others with updates and also new tips. Punters would be well advised to keep a constant eye on their inbox to ensure they do not miss out on a winner.
Overall, Bell’s service can be interesting to read, are delivered on time and most importantly seems to delver a profit. Obviously any lengthy losing run can be worrying for subscribers but the same can be said of all betting services.

Andy Bell Racing Review PricesAndy Bell Racing Cost

Andy Bell Racing operate a three tier price method. The three offers are:
Standard deal 28 days for £58
Great deal 90 days for £130
Mega deal 6 months for £199
Refund Policy:
Subscriptions are generally non refundable and you accept this when subscribing to any Betfan managed service. However they will review every refund request, and Andy Bell Racing they feel a refund is warranted it shall be granted.

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