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Back Lucrative Review

BackLucrative Review

BackLucrative Overview

BackLucrative is a tipping service for horse racing based on two key elements: A set of strong and logical system rules and finding high value. The system rules find strong contenders for a given day’s racing, then, by analysing further to find value, the BackLucrative service removes any selections where the price available is not above the true odds of the horse winning.

The BackLucrative site states that it has a high volume of bets, usually between 5 and 10 per day (6 days per week with Sundays off). It does not solely focus on the top end of the market, and as a result the strike rate is far lower.
One attraction of the system is that it can and will pick winners at high prices.

The BackLucrative strategy may be deemed to be relatively high risk due to the relatively low strike rate which during various testing has averaged around 15-20%. The prices of selections will vary widely, ranging from 2.0 right the way up to 21.0.
All BackLucrative subscribers have access to a members-only website, where the author posts the selections each morning, usually before 10.30 am. The subscriber will find a clearly laid out list of selections with the race time, expected odds and also which bookmaker to use.

BackLucrative advise subscribers to expect around 8 to 10 bets per day, 6 days a week equating to around 250 bets per month. However some testers averaged 11 bets per day for small periods of time. As these are “value” selections at decent prices, the author suggests a strike rate of around 16% would be more than satisfactory to generate 30 points profit per month.

BackLucrative Review

BackLucrative cons

Some subscribers have admitted that the system can be time consuming simply due to the number of selections each day. It may take up to 30 minutes each day.

The performance of BackLucrative may be debatable. Various sources have experienced quite varied returns. However, the system seems to give decent returns over a prolonged period. One subscriber had 310 winners from 1821 bets giving a 17% strike rate and 252 points profit.

Another seemingly reliable online source confirmed there were 60 winners from 296 selections equating to a respectable 20% generating returns of a profit of 119 points. Odds have ranged from 23 down to 2 with an average of 9. The highest priced winner was 17. From 27 betting days 18 days have shown a profit.

Various online sources have said that any emails from subscribers will be replied to quickly.

BackLucrative cost

The cost for the first 30 days is £ 15. The subsequent cost is £ 99 per quarter or £297 per year. There is also a Money Back Guarantee from BackLucrative for the first 30 days of use.

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The Best Betting Systems Review of BackLucrative:

Well, following on from all the hype that surrounds the BackLucrative service we decided to put it to the test by giving it a 3 month review starting from Today (Aug 1st 2014).

Over the next few months we will be following the BackLucrative Service to see if it can deliver the profit it promises.

Back Lucrative Review Main Page

Back Lucrative Review Todays BetsOn subscribing to the service I received a confirmation e-mail with my username, password and some advise to read the “Getting Started” page within the members area before placing any bets.

I then logged into the members area to find all the relevant details on how the system works, what the recommended staking plan is, the best times and places to make the bets, along with advise on Bank Protection.

When I logged into the “today’s Bets” page I was presently surprised to find the following message above the days selections.

The end of another month, and in fact a full year since we started live proofing of BackLucrative. Although we only managed a small profit this month (2.71 points), over the year the service has produced an average 23.59 points profit per month, which i’m more than happy with and it just proves that we can earn a supplemental income from following this betting method long term.

A reassuring message that the service also tracked and displayed all selections as they were being posted. Now that’s something you don’t see often!

So there you have it! We’ve subscribed and we will be keeping you posted on progress to our final review. Stay Posted!


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