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The Best Betting Systems BetAngel Review

Bet Angel – A Sports Trader’s All Around Assistant

Bet Angel is probably the most popular betting software today.

Since its first launch in 2004, Bet Angel has undergone a lot of changes and improvements. The latest version of Bet Angel is known today for the many features it contains that can help sports traders in every way possible. For many, this tool changed the way people use betting exchanges especially Betfair and turned them into something similar to financial markets. Hedging, ticks, and other terms that were only once used in stock markets are now common lingo to sports traders. The betting exchange once seen as a place for ordinary punters now became a meeting place for financial experts.

To begin with, using Bet Angel will not guarantee profits to people who’ll use it. Rather it just provides all the tools that can help traders improve the way they do their craft. Whether they’ll make a profit or not will still depend on the strategies and decisions they choose. Bet Angel will not make the decisions for them, it will just help them in analysing, placing bets, and executing their strategies. That said, it’s now time for the review.

Download and Installation

The latest version of the Bet Angel software can be downloaded on betangel.com. It will only take a minute or so to download Bet Angel. Right now, the latest version of this software only runs on Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows XP. Apple users need to install Windows on their computers before they can install and use Bet Angel on it. With very easy to follow instructions, installing Bet Angel is a breeze and it can be done within a few minutes. This software can run smoothly on a stable 2MB Internet broadband connection. To logon and use it, just type in your Betfair username and password. Just a little additional info, there’s also a version of Bet Angel which can be used on BetDaq.

Practice Using Bet Angel Before Going Live

The Practice Mode is one of the best features of Bet Angel. Here you can use all the features of the application without the risk of losing real money. This can be very useful for traders who want to experiment with a new strategy or refine the strategies they already have. In this mode, they can do it in a real setting with real odds and markets without the risk of emptying their wallets. Once they’ve done practicing, they can switch to Live Mode and do trading with real money.

The Best Betting Systems Bet Angel ReviewChoose What You Like to See

There are many types of interface you can select to use once you’ve logged on to the system. The default is the desktop which just shows some features and special offers from Bet Angel. From there, you can go to One Click which is similar to what you normally see on Betfair but with many additions. One of the additional features is the Advanced Charting in which you can do your analysis by using different types of charts like the candle stick, ladder, and various others. You can do your analysis here with the same tools used by financial experts.

Still on One Click, with Bet Angel you can customize what you want to see on the screen like choose the columns you want to see, click the greening button to secure a certain amount of profit. Clicking the team names will let you see the price/volume over time chart instantly.

Shifting into the Ladder view gives traders a different view on the market. It shows how much stakes are matched for a specific odd. They can still access the advanced charting feature here. Traders can also customize the things they see here like rearrange the price into ascending or descending order, choose whether they want to turn on the greening button, along with various other features.

Then, there’s the classic Manual Bet which lets a trader adjust the odds on a particular bet manually. It’s good that Bet Angel included this feature because I’m sure there will be instances when traders would want to place a bet manually.

Excel connect lets you do your own analysis on MS Excel with real time updates. In order to use this feature, you must have Excel in your PC and must know at least the basics on how to use it. But, if you’re an expert with Excel, you can manipulate data and do your own analysis on it. You can even make your own triggers in trading and make fully automated betting spreadsheets.

Soccer Mystic

The Soccer Mystic feature is easily accessible with just one click on the soccer ball icon. This very useful feature helps traders analyse different scenarios in a match before they happen and their possible effects on the odds. It has a chart feature showing the odds versus the time elapsed in minutes. It also has the very popular match odds scenario where you just have to input the type of bet you have for a particular team, the odds, stake, and the time. Bet Angel will be the one who’ll do the calculations for you to show what might be the possible scenario if there were no goals at that time, if the team you backed scored a goal or if the other team were the ones which scored a goal.

Cashing Out

Another very popular feature of Bet Angel among traders is the Cash out option. Betfair provides traders an option to cash out in order for them to lock in their profit even if a game isn’t over yet. Bet Angel also has a similar feature for its users, but with additional features. There’s the one click cash out which lets traders cash out on all of their active trades with just one click. With the profit calculator cash out, traders can choose to lock in their profits by setting it manually or automatically. They can also use this feature using the ladder view.

Is Bet Angel a good buy?

Is it worth buying Bet Angel? For me, the answer is yes. Today, Bet Angel Professional can be used for as low as £15 a month. Considering its many useful features, I would consider this as a bargain. It’s really worth the price because you just need to download and install the software to your PC and then you can use it. There’s no need to buy or install other things on your PC.

However, in order to make the most out of Bet Angel, you should also know many things about sports trading. Without enough knowledge on this field, you’ll not be able to use all the features of this product effectively.

If you what to learn more about trading and how to trade effectively then the Bet Angel team also run a betting exchange academy for more information on the academy please click here!

If you are interested in Bet Angel why not Download your free trial copy here and try it out for yourself?

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