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Betfair Trading Expert

Betfair Trading Expert Review

Betfair Trading ExpertBetfair Trading Expert Overview

Matthew Abraham is the brains behind Betfair Trading Expert. Abraham who just so happens to have a PHD in Probability and Statistics began utilising Betfair in 2005 and immediately began to create trading strategies. It took Abraham 2 years to develop all 4 systems which together make up the Betfair Trading Expert System. The website claims that the four football systems have all been extensively tested, making excellent returns and is practically foolproof. The system first came onto the market around September 2010.

The systems which are instantly available for download after purchase explain how to do all of this in a clear and concise manner. Once payment has been made a subscriber will receive instant access to the four Football Trading Systems. As the name suggests, the strategies are recommended to be used at Betfair, and other betting exchanges such as BetDaq. The four football systems contains screenshots and links to online calculators to assist the punter. Abraham and Betfair Trading Expert are anxious to state that following the system is not gambling, it is simply using the odds in your favour. A subscriber does not need any knowledge of football, just some common sense and the ability to carry reasonably simple instructions. Any of the systems as a whole might not suit a specific individual’s methods of trading but with four systems on offer, this service should have something for everyone. Laying the draw and correct score trading are the cornerstones of the Betfair Trading Expert system and while you may think that there is a familiar feel to these systems, it is the study and analysis of them carried out by Betfair Trading Expert that is impressive. In addition, Abraham sends a list of picks which match the system’s criteria at least once a week and quite often daily. The service also offers one-to-one support via Abraham’s personal email address.


Betfair Trading Expert Lifetime Support


Some subscribers have admitted that although each system has the potential to make profit, the list of selections for life received from Matt Abraham may be the best aspect of Betfair Trading Expert. This saves a subscriber a huge amount of time, as this obviously saves a pundit scrutinising matches around the globe. Many online sources claim that there is no doubt that this is a betting service that requires the subscriber to do a lot of work but on the contrary, this service does not simply introduce a punter to the markets of Betfair all alone and there is one to one contact with Abraham available. For the price, being able to work closely with someone that has taken the time to develop their own trading system is definitely great value.

One online source for Football System 1 states that there was a return of 12.5% over a 3 month period. In the 3 months, there were just 58 days with advised selections, with 39 of those days showing daily profit. The largest daily profit was £ 254 with the largest daily loss £ 83.

There is some debate as to the number of bets advised by Betfair Trading Expert. Some subscribers state they received 4 football bets per day on average. Others clearly state that a subscriber may receive just 8 bets in total per week.

This service should have something for everyone and with Matt Abrahams replying to a punter’s query, this package is very attractive to novices and the more experienced punter.

Betfair Trading Expert Cost

A once off fee of $69.00 excluding VAT.
There is a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee for Betfair Trading Expert

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