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Championbets – Final Review

The Championbets tipping which was developed by Steve Hudson provides regular football betting tips on the Asian Handicap market. He says this is the most profitable market in football betting and his tipping service can help punters make the most out of Asian Handicap odds. In order to find out, we did our own testing of Championbets and after a trial period which lasted nine weeks, we were able to find out what Steve’s service really has to offer.

Using Championbets is very easy. All you need to do is to sign-up to their website – http://championbets.co.uk/ and pay the necessary fees in order to subscribe to the service. They currently offer two very affordable plans for punters, so you’ll have no issues about the cost of this service.

After completing the subscription process, you just need to wait for the emails to come to your email address. For this service, you’ll get one email per week which usually contains six selections .They usually send the emails a day before the matches. During our trial, we got usually got the emails on Friday and most of the tips were for the Saturday and Sunday matches.

All the information contained in the emails are very easy to understand. Each email contains the date and time of the match, teams involved, league, odds, and suggested bookmakers and stakes. This system is really very easy to use and even those who are new at sports betting can subscribe to it. I think even those who aren’t familiar with Asian Handicap odds can also use this service because everything in the email is self-explanatory. Here is a sample tip:



Home Team

Away Team







Scotland Premiership



AH = -0.5,-1.0 Aberdeen to win




As you can see, everything in the tip is very easy to follow. There’s the date of the match, and the time, so you’ll know when it’ll begin. Then, there’s the league, so you can easily look for the match in a bookmaker website. They also give who are the home and away sides. Then, comes the most important part of the email which is the bet. As you can see, it’s self-explanatory. You just look for it in the markets for the corresponding match and place your bet. After that, it has the odds and a suggested bookmaker and stake. For me, the suggested bookmaker and stake are optional. You can choose to follow or not to follow them. But keep in mind that when you’re subscribing to a tipping service which actually works, it’s advisable to have accounts in many bookmakers, so that if your account gets closed in one bookie, you can easily move to another sportsbook.


Championbets Final Review Summary

We did our trial from the middle of January 2015 up to the middle of March 2015. During the nine week trial period, we received a total of 64 tips. Every email has six tips all throughout this period. And from this, 29 tips were winners and 15 were losers. We also had a partial win or push in ten of them. We used a level stake of £5 in all our bets here. With average odds of 1.65 and a strike rate of 53.7% we were able to make a £8.43 profit from a starting bank of £100.

Obviously, this is very far from the thousands of pounds in profits it promises to deliver on its official website. If you avail their monthly plan where you have to pay £14.95 a month, you would’ve spent £29.90 for this period and made only £8.43. That’s a loss of £21.47. If you availed of their discount plan where the monthly cost would be £6.58 per month for a 12 month period, you would’ve still record a loss of £4.73. This is definitely disappointing especially for punters who have high expectations from this service.

Good Points for Championbets

• Very easy to use – All the information in the emails are very easy to understand. As I mentioned earlier, even a newbie can use it.
• This is also very convenient to use – You just need to wait for the emails which usually arrive a day before the matches.
• Excellent support – Your emails are personally answered and help is provided in great detail. There was this incident about the Aberdeen versus Dundee match were a number of bookmakers removed the odds after the tip was sent. The guys from Championbets provided detailed answer on this and even made some suggestions.

Bad Point for Championbets

• Not Profitable – Based on the results we had from our nine week trial period, this service only delivered a small amount of profit. And if you add your expenses in subscribing to the service, you would even have a loss.

Final Verdict for Championbets

Championbets delivers its service in a timely manner to its subscribers and also provide great support. However, this service isn’t profitable based on the results that we got. We give this tipping service only one out of five stars for the timely delivery of tips and the excellent support the Championbets team gives.

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