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Championbets Review

Championbets is a tipping service provided by Steve Hudson. Unlike other tipping services which give tips on match odds, this one focus on the Asian handicap market. This service has been already tested by a number of punters before it was released commercially and they claim that it had great returns with no losing month during the trial period. Steve is very confident in offering this service to the public and he’s even offering a 100% money back guarantee to those who will not be satisfied with the service. Based on the feedback given by those who have tried using Championbets, Steve may not be giving any refund to any of his customers just yet.

Championbets Overview

Championbets is a tipping service which covers not just the English Premier League but also all the other major European leagues and international tournaments. It gives tips to punters all year round. As mentioned earlier, it only gives tips on Asian handicap odds. Steve claims that his service has a strike rate of around 65% at average odds of 1.95. He also says that unlike the other systems out there which can experience losing streaks at certain parts of the year, Championbets guarantees to bring in profits to its users all year round. This may sound as too good to be true for some people, but those who have already tried it say that all the things that Steve says are true.


Championbets Features

Using the Championbets tipping service is very easy. All you have to do is subscribe to the service, wait for the emails, read them and place your bets. You just need to go to their website in order to subscribe to the service. After that, all you have to do is wait for the emails. They usually send the tips 24 hours before the match. Most of the tips are sent on Friday at midday. Subscribers usually get about 6 tips a week, most of them on the weekend because this is the time when most matches are held. It will only take five to ten minutes to read the emails and place bets. The tips are written in a very simple way so that even those who have no prior experience in football betting can understand it. You also don’t really need to understand much what Asian handicap betting is all about, but if it in case you really want to know more about it, Championbets has provided a page where you can know its basics – http://championbets.co.uk/asian-handicap-betting-guide/. They also provide an email support service for this product.

Subscribers of Championbets are advised to have multiple accounts on different bookmakers. With the high strike rate of this system, it’s likely that their accounts will be closed any time soon by their present bookmaker. When that happens, it’s good to have another account in a different bookmaker on standby. This way, your betting will not be interrupted and the profits will come in still steadily.

Championbets Cost

You can go to http://championbets.co.uk/ if you’re interested in the Championbets tipping service. They offer two plans here: a monthly plan and a discount plan. With the monthly plan, you have to pay £14.95 a month as long as you want to use the service and you can also cancel anytime you want. On the discount plan, you’ll pay a one-time payment of £79 for a 12 month subscription. With this, you’ll just be paying £6.58 a month for the tipping service. This will save you a big amount of money compared to the monthly plan, but it has a high upfront cost. You’ll get the same quality of service from Championbets for both plans.

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