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Final Score Review

Final Score Review is a football betting tips service from footballbettingguide.net. It’s a straightforward service with the selections clearly stated on the emails they sent to subscribers. There’s no need for any analysis or interpretations to use this service. Just wait for their email and place bets on the selections included in the list. There has been news that this service has steadily lost points in the recent months but it’s unclear as to whether this is just a temporary losing run which is experienced by all types of tips services and betting strategies or whether this service is now permanently unprofitable to use.

Final Score Review Overview

Final Score Review is relatively new compared to the other football betting tips service tips in the market but it quickly made a reputation as one of the most reliable and easiest to use today. The people who have tried using it claimed that it has a strike rate of about 48% which is quite high. They also said that after several months of subscribing to this service and placing bets on the selections it provides they were able to have an ROI of around 17% which is also excellent.

Final Score Review Features

It’s very easy to use Final Score. Once a punter has made his subscription, he just waits for their email, read it and then place bets on the selections it contains. That’s it. No analysing, no data gathering, nothing whatsoever. He just has to trust the selections that are on the list and place bets on them. The emails always arrive on time. The emails for the matches on midweek arrive in the morning before the match and the emails containing the selections for the weekend arrive on Friday. Their content is written in a clear and simple way. With this, even a person who’s totally new to betting can use Final Score. In placing the bets, one should remember to look for the best odds available on the market to make the biggest profits from them.

The selections on the emails are divided into five categories: Asian handicap, both teams to score, over or under 2.5 goals, win/lay singles and accumulators. This service provides selections on the goal markets hence its name Final Score. The emails also contain point values for each bet on the list. They also contain comments from the author about previous results which can be helpful for a punter to make his own selections if he wants to. All the past results which used the service can also be accessed by subscribers.

Recently, there has been news that Final Score has been losing points consistently for several months. The people at footballbettingguide.com (the one who made this tips service) have acknowledged this and they said that Final Score will turn around and be profitable again in the long term. However, there’s no assurance to this claim and subscribers aren’t entitled to a money back guarantee. It’s up to them if they still want to take the risk and follow the selections they provide on their emails.

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Final Score Review Cost

Final Score is a football betting tips service and punters who wish to get access to the selections they provide must subscribe to it. A full membership to their service costs £39.95 per month or about £10 a week. For those who just want to try their service for a short period of time, they also offer a 10 day trial period which costs £7. This is a great deal considering the number of bets they provide to their subscribers on a weekly basis. The people behind Final Score don’t offer any money back guarantee on their service.

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