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Football Away Days Spreadsheet

Football Away Days.

Football Away Days.

I thought I would try out a 10 week challenge on a little system based on the current top 4 Teams for Away Form in the English Premiership. 

Football Away Days Rules.

The concept is simple.

  • I have taken the Top 4 Teams (Away Form) based on current league standings. Time of Writing. 08/02/2014.
  • I will only bet on the teams if they are playing away.
  • I will bet a minimum of £2.
  • If the team lose their match I will calculate the next bet with the same team to pick up all previous losing bets.
  • I will not bet on a match where the teams are playing each other.
  • I will add £2 Accumulator side bet to weeks where there are 2 or more teams playing away at the same time (Double, Treble, 4Fold).

That’s it! Pretty Simple.

The current league form for the football away days system is  Arsenal, Tottenham, Chelsea and Manchester City.

Football Away Days League Standings





As usual “The Best Betting Systems Teams” will be providing you with regular updates and screen shots of all the bets. We have also put together a spreadsheet for tracking the Profit and Loss on this little system and will make it available to download by the end of the 10 week challenge.

Football Away Days Spreadsheet 







Football Away Days 10 Week Challenge.

List of Bets:

Football Away Days Week 1.

  • Liverpool 5 V 1 Arsenal (Lost) Weekend 8/2/14
  • Norwich 0 V 0 Man City (Lost) Weekend 8/2/14

This week see’s us place a £2 bet on Arsenal@ odds of 9/4, a £2 bet on Man City @ odds of 1/3 and a £2 Dbl at odds of 3.33/1.

Football Away Days Week 2.

  • West Brom 1 V 1 Chelsea (Lost) Midweek 11/2/14
  • Newcastle 0 V 4 Tottenham (Won) Midweek 12/2/14

This week see’s us place a £2 bet on Chelsea @ odds of 1/3, a £2 bet on Tottenham @ odds of 13/10, No Dbl as they played different days.

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“By Ricky Alcorn”

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