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Football Bank Builder Review

Football Bank Builder Overview

The stated aim of the Football Bank Builder is a 10% compound increase on bank monthly. This system is about making small but consistent profits from bets that historically do not have long losing streaks and is based on laying in the over/under goals markets. A number of criteria must be met for the qualifying bets, but the criteria are simple to understand and implement. Opportunities for finding suitable in-play matches should be easy to find.

3 different staking plans are suggested: Staking Plan A Fibonacci, Staking Plan B Two Steps Back and Staking Plan C Level Stakes.

The author of the Football Bank Builder recommends using a Fibonacci staking plan to maximise profits and compounding profits month on month to take advantage of the system’s consistent growth.
The instruction manual is 27 pages long but the system itself is covered in just 3 pages of the manual and is certainly simple to understand and operate. The chosen market has just 2 outcomes and ascertaining that the criteria are met is very straightforward. It takes a matter of minutes to put the system in to practice.

The subscribers must rely on Betfair’s “in-play” games. Online sources have stated that the system has three staking options which can confuse punters. Like other betting systems selections can differ depending on the time they check the odds on the exchanges. The author of Football Bank Builder suggest logging on at 11.00am to review odds but this will surely be inappropriate for many subscribers. It is recommended that bets should be placed just before kick off so that the market is the best reflection of the true odds of the game. In practice subscribers will research the market and select potential matches which may or may not then qualify at kick off. Depending on the spread of the times punters will need to be able to place bets at varying times. For example a subscriber may need to review odds at 12.30, 3.00, 4.30, 5.00, 6.00, 6.45 and 7.45 which may result in 3 matches qualifying.

However, the Football Bank Builder is a very simple system. A slow steady growth was seen throughout various review periods. Even at the low risk level stakes, the returns and turned a healthy profit. The stated aim of this system is a slow steady growth and that is what was delivered according to nearly all online sources. If a punter seeks the excitement of huge swings up (and down) this is not the system.

Football Bank Builder cons

However, online sources differ on the performance of the system. Many believe that betting should be based on the French Leagues and Greek Leagues. Others strictly stick to the lowest scoring leagues around the world.

Football Bank Builder cost

The price of the Football Bank Builder is £97.00. For this a subscriber will receive the Football laying system in 2.5 goals market plus bonus system and a free copy of “Winning on Betfair for Dummies” if a UK or Republic of Ireland resident. There is also a conditional 30 day Money Back Guarantee: using system for 7 consecutive days and loss made,  Football Bank Builder will refund fully.

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