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Greyhound Master Review

Greyhound Master Tipster Review

Greyhound Master Tipster is a greyhound racing tips service developed by Kevin Dear. It’s a straightforward tipping service wherein a subscriber will regularly receive emails about tips from Kevin Dear himself. There are only a small number of tipsters out there who focus on greyhound racing and it’s really hard to find a tips service on this niche that really works for the long term. Greyhound Master Tipster has already been reviewed by many reputable websites and they all gave a thumbs up for this service.

Greyhound Master Tipster Review Overview

Kevin Dear, the person who developed Greyhound Master Tipster got into greyhound racing at a very early age and later became an owner and breeder of greyhounds. Over the years, he was able to learn many things about this type of racing as he has experienced to do different types of roles on this industry. When he was still young in Scotland, he grew up watching greyhound races and when he moved to London later he began to place bets on races. He learned a great deal about betting while he was still an active punter. Then he became an owner of greyhounds and later learned how to breed them. He definitely knows every facet of this industry from personal experience and he can definitely claim that he’s an authority when it comes to greyhound racing. This is important for a tipster because there are many aspects that should be considered in placing bets here. One shouldn’t just rely on the odds offered by the bookmakers. Only a person with the kind of experience that Kevin Dear has can give excellent tips about greyhound races.

Greyhound Master Tipster Review Features

Greyhound Master Tipster is a very simple tips service. One should just pay the necessary monthly fee in order to subscribe to the service. Once he’s subscribed to it, he’ll get emails about greyhound racing tips regularly. According to the people who have tried Greyhound Master Tipster, this service is very simple. A subscriber will get an email daily which contains the selections by name and Trap Number, the odds when available, and the best bookmaker prices when the odds are already offered. The emails are sent in the morning and subscribers usually receive 4 to 7 emails a week. The emails also contain a clear explanation of all bets, names and the reason why the selection was in the list. This is also what makes it different from the other tipping service as most of them prefer to keep it as a secret why a particular selection is on the list.

Most of the people who have tried using Greyhound Master Tipster have recorded a strike rate of 36% which is pretty decent. They’ve also achieved an ROI of 26% after several months of using this tips service. These numbers are indeed good for a greyhound tips service. It’s also very easy to use as the subscribers just need to wait for the email, read them and then place bets. There’s no need for them to do any analysis whatsoever. They just need to have faith in the selections included in the email and place stakes on them. The people who have subscribed to the service also said that the emails are always delivered on time and without any delay.

Greyhound Master Tipster ReviewGreyhound Master Tipster Review Cost

The Greyhound Master Tipster is available to everyone for just £40 a month. This price maybe pretty expensive compared to the other tipping services available on the market, but there’s only a few number of tips service specializing in greyhound racing that has been proven to be profitable and easy to use. Greyhound Master Tipster Review is definitely one of them. Kevin Dear claims that subscription to this service is only for a limited number of slots and only a small number still remains to be available. If we consider this as true, then punters out there who are into greyhound racing shouldn’t waste this opportunity and quickly make a subscription to Greyhound Master Tipster.

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