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Little Acorns Review

Little Acorns is a betting system for UK horse races. It’s been available for many years already and have received good reviews from reputable websites. It’s one of the very few betting systems available today that are highly recommended by experienced punters. This means that the system really works and people who choose to use it can really make profits. It has even received an award from Lucy’s Betting Oscars in 2013 as the best in horse laying services.

Little Acorns Review overview

The Little Acorns betting system was developed by Andrew David. It was launched in the market in 2002 and has proven to be very effective. Its creator even claims that the punters who use it can increase their betting balance between 7 to 35 times each month. He may sound very confident about this, but in looking at just how many years this product has been in the market, it may also be safe to conclude that this could really be a very effective strategy because if not it will have disappeared a long time ago.

Little Acorns is mainly used for UK horse races but its creator doesn’t specify that it will only work in this region. Some say that it can also be effective in Irish horse races but there are no statistics to back this claim.

Little Acorns Review features

Little Acorns is a low-liability laying formula that works by using low stakes to make small gains that in the long run will steadily become bigger. Unlike most betting systems that work on backing stakes, here the user will primarily depend on laying to win. And because it works by laying, this system is used primarily on Betfair. Those who are still planning to try Little Acorns should first have a Betfair account. People who are familiar with laying would say that laying usually involves bigger amounts of money than backing, so it can’t be true that this system will only use small stakes. However, with Little Acorns they can place an amount as small as £2 in laying a selection and still make a profit.

This system is quite simple to apply in real situations. The bettor should always remember three main rules in order to choose the “basic selections.” There is another “filter” that the punter must also use to choose the “extra selections.” The qualifiers used in the system are from Betfair and Racing Post. Andrew says that the selections can be made two times during the day: one in the morning and another 5 to 10 minutes before a race starts. Making the selections isn’t time consuming either and will just take about 15 to 20 minutes a day according to the author.

Aside from a guide in making selections, the book also comes with a recommended staking plan. In following this, the author says that there will be instances that the punter will experience losing streaks, but that will be eventually offset by profits in the long run if he’ll stick by the plan. Remember that one of the main features of Little Acorns is that it doesn’t expose its user to high liabilities.

Like most betting systems available, Little Acorns will only work if its user will follow all the rules on the system and apply them no matter what happens. This also means that the people who opt to use it must trust the system the moment they start using it.

Little Acorns Review cost

Punters who want to download the unique Little Acorns low-liability laying formula can get it at £97. This may be very expensive for many people, but if they use this formula well, they can recoup this investment within just a short period of time. The e-book is well-written with easy to understand concepts. Those who are planning to buy it shouldn’t be worried about any highly technical terms or principles that can only be understood by experienced punters. Anybody can easily understand what are written on it. But of course, they should also have working knowledge about horse race betting before they read the Little Acorns manual.

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