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Michael’s Place Lay Formula Review

Michael’s Place Lay Formula is a betting strategy for UK horse racing that focuses on the place market. Michael’s Place Lay Formula is a lay betting strategy that in which the bettor picks out horses that he thinks will not get placed in a particular race. Usually the lay betting strategy that a punter uses picks out horses not to win. This is just a modification of that laying system. Here instead of picking out horses that he thinks will not win he picks horses he thinks will not get placed in a race.

Michael’s Place Lay Formula Review Overview

Michael’s Place Lay Formula has been around since 2008 and it has been proven to be a very effective system of place betting. The formula was developed only for UK horse races and according to the people who have tried using it, it has a strike rate of 85%. This is very high for any kind of betting strategy. Even the most reliable tipping service on the market today can’t match a strike rate this high. They also claim that this system has a much shorter losing runs compared to the others. Michael’s Place Lay Formula can only be used in a betting exchange like Betfair. It focuses on the place market in UK horse races which is often overlooked by many punters.

Michael’s Place Lay Formula Review Features

In order to use Michael’s Place Lay Formula, a punter should first purchase the book from its official website and then study it. Like all the betting strategies in the market, the book just explains some clear cut guidelines and rules that a punter should follow in using the strategy. Unlike in a tipping service where the punter is given selections, in Michael’s Place Lay Formula it will be up to the punter what his selections will be on a particular race based on his interpretations of the strategy’s rules. This will also determine how much profit he will be able in using this strategy. Most punters would make mistakes in applying the rules at first and this may result in losses. The key in successfully using Michael’s Place Lay Formula is not to give up easily when the results didn’t turn out the way they should be. Instead, go back in studying the rules and apply them again. Once the fine tuning has been done, profits will come next.

Michael’s Place Lay Formula has 10 very concise rules that a punter should follow in placing his bets. He can only use this formula by following a race live and it’s advised that he makes his preparations 10 minutes before the start of a race if he plans to use this strategy. People who have already used Michael’s Place Lay Formula say that the rules may sound complicated at first but punters will find them very simple to use after a while. And while a person needs to follow a race live, he’s not required to sit in front of the computer for hours to use this formula.

Michael’s Place Lay Formula Review Cost

Now Michael’s Place Lay Formula is available to punters for just £69.99. Before it has a price of £87 but it will only be offered at this new low price for only a short period of time. This is really a great deal considering the amount of profit that a person can possibly make in using Michael’s Place Lay Formula. The payment is for one time only unlike for tipping services which you have to pay on a monthly basis. People who are interested in this strategy shouldn’t waste any time and buy this ebook right away before they ran out of copies.

The copies of the Michael’s Place Lay Formula ebook will also be available for only a limited number of people because the place market in horse racing isn’t very liquid compared to the win market. This ebook is an exe file and it will not run on Apple products. The licence for a purchase of Michael’s Place Lay Formula is good only for one computer.

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