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Rebel Betting Review

RebelBetting Review

RebelBetting Overview

Rebel Betting is a Sports Arbitrage software package which capitalises on differences in various different bookmaker’s odds to almost guarantee profit. It is a sports arbitrage system RebelBetting’s system works on the principle that every bet can be both winnable and profitable. RebelBetting scans bookmakers worldwide for the best odds on a series of games, races or markets. Due to the differing odds of outcomes around the world you can make a winning bet no matter what the result is.

One of the most attractive points of RebelBetting is their website. It is one of the cleanest and most user friendly sites available. On the homepage was a video and simply laid out text. A very impressive 37 page manual is downloaded by the subscriber and some straightforward system options that allow you to focus on just a few simple types of arbitrage to get the subscriber familiar and confident.

On the RebelBetting promotion page it states that you can expect to increase your investment by at least 10% every month. By using this software you get used to the surprising idiosyncrasies of various bookmakers. Some will restrict your stakes and some will only tell you they are doing this when the bet has been placed. A subscriber will soon learn which bookmaker is the most prone to doing this and learn to put the bets on with them first before confirming other bets with other bookmakers involved in the arbitrage placing.

One subscriber admitted that 4 out of 15 bookmakers closed his account down and at least three of these did so because they realised he was arbing. However, he goes on to state that this represented just 26% of the accounts and by the end of the review period four new bookmakers were lined up. By this, it is also interesting to note that 75% of my bookmakers did not seem to have been inclined to close down his accounts. RebelBetting are aware of subscribers worrying about bookmakers shutting accounts so the software continues to add more bookmakers onto their software.

The software is very smooth, from the automatic software updating to the automatic log-in to the bookmakers that are currently offering the arb prices. The software will run in the background and it alerts the subscriber when arbs become available. Fridays, and to a lesser degree Saturday mornings, are reportedly the best day for arbs alerts popping up. Often the prices sought after are not available once you log on to the bookmakers. Most online sources accepted that this is an obvious challenge for arbitrage profit and sometimes it is simply best to accept that bookmakers’ prices fluctuate quite quickly.

The majority of my sports arbs where on football matches. Using RebelBetting most of the arb selections were on football and not other sports as one might expect. Many arbs were on obscure matches in May/June. According to many online sources, there is a high preference for Soccer Asian Handicap arbitrage bets because there are only two possibilities. Many subscribers have been surprised by the number of arbitrage opportunities available and the length of time there where available for.

Extra features that Rebel Betting provides which helped make sports arbitrage trading easy include the arbitrage calculator, the filters to limit the number of bookmakers used and the bet button. The arbitrage calculator makes it easy to see what stakes are required for each arbitrage trade. The filter ensures that at least one bookmaker of your choosing is required for each sports arbitrage trade. This limits the amount of money needed to fund bookmaker accounts. Most importantly the bet button takes you to the bookmaker website, speeds up login and takes you direct to the selections required to complete the arbitrage trade, reducing the chance that the odds will change before a trade is placed.

The Best Betting Systems Rebel Betting reviewRebelBetting Cons

Online sources have admitted that you may need to invest time, money and patience while you use this service and you should be looking to keep your costs down as you learn, because you may actually lose money whilst you get the hang of it in months one and two. You will also need a lot of bookmaker accounts, and smart money management. The payment provider Skrill is recommended by most subscribers to minimise the risk of credit card charges and reduce transfer delays. It may be difficult to keep tabs on where you are with each bookmaker due to the volume and value of bets and there is a high risk of any particular account getting limited.

It is important to understand that RebelBetting is not a betting site. It is more of an investment site and the owners have marketed themselves in this way. Rather than pitching stake money you sign up to investing a monthly amount beginning at 129 Euros. There are other options working on six month and one year investments which give you better value for money.

RebelBetting Cost

There are four price options for RebelBetting: 1 week is €39 , 1 month is €129 , 6 months is €89 per month and 1 full year is €69 per month. All subscriptions are recurring subscriptions that can be cancelled at any time.There is also a full Money Back Guarantee within 7 days of purchase.

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