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Revolution Betting Review

Revolution Betting Review

Revolution Betting is a tipping service for horse races from Betfan. This is a horse backing service and as it name implies it was supposed to change the way how punters bet in horse races. It’s only difference from the other services now is that it promises to deliver the selections a night before the race. This is good especially for punters who don’t have enough time during the day to read emails and place bets. It also promises to bring in more profits to its subscribers. Whether it was able to deliver those promises or not will only be known to people who’ll try using it.

Revolution Betting Review Overview

Revolution Betting was developed by Emma James and was launched to the market late last year. Emma claims that a team of quality contacts help her to make the selections in the tipping service. Since its launch, it has immediately proved that it’s worth subscribing to and the punters who tried it did really made profits. They say it has a strike rate of around 33% and most of them had an ROI of 16%. These numbers are great and they’re way above what the other services on the market now deliver.

Revolution Betting Review 2Revolution Betting Review Features

Revolution Betting claims in its advertisements that it will send emails which contain the selections to members a night before the race. However, most people who have tried using this service had a different experience. Most of them say that they usually receive the emails in the morning of the race usually at around 10:00 am. This is also the same time that other tipping services send their emails to their subscribers. They say that there were only a few instances when they receive the emails a night before the race. On the average, the emails contain about 5 selections per day.

Like most tipping service, they don’t only supply selections to subscribers but also give them a recommended staking plan. This is a great feature of Revolution Betting because it helps punters to maximize their profits from the service.

A bad feature of Revolution Betting is that the prices they quote on their emails are usually from many different bookmakers. This means that their subscribers need to have many accounts on a number of bookmakers. Not just 2 or 3 accounts, but more than that. This and the time when the emails are delivered are the big bad points about Revolution Betting. Some people would be attracted to subscribe to it because its advertisements will make them think that it’s very easy to use but when it comes to actual practice, it’s definitely not.

Revolution Betting Review Cost

The person behind Revolution Betting, Emma James claims that she could charge as £100 for her tipping service based on the value of the information she shares to other people. But she thought that it was better to share them to others at a lower price. Punters can subscribe to Revolution Betting for £47 per month or £94 per quarter (that’s three months).

This can still be considered as a great deal considering its profitability. When it comes to the subscription plans, a monthly subscription can be good even if it’s more expensive than the quarterly plan because there’s always a probability that a tipping service will suddenly become unprofitable. If a person has a monthly subscription, he’ll be able to save money when this happens unlike if he has already paid for the service for several months in advance.

And like most of the tipping service around, subscription to Revolution Betting is also limited to a certain number of subscribers. If you want to give Revolution Betting a try you shouldn’t waste your time and get a subscription right away.

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