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Soccer Streaks Review

Soccer Streaks Overview

Soccer Streaks’ system is as simple as it gets. According to the website “Years of trial and error have gone into perfecting our strategy.” The strategy is to simply bet on relatively low risk favourites. As returns are earned, the stakes increase quite rapidly.
The selections are picked by simple criteria most typically a strong favourite down, recent good form of the favourite and recent poor form of the opponent. Soccer Streaks could not be more straightforward. Domestic league games are chosen from a huge array of countries. Recent selections came from Peru, Sweden, USA, Republic of Ireland, China and Brazil. Amazingly, from the 26th June to the 26th July they have had a stunning 24 winning selections from 26.
As with any strategy to bet on low priced selections, the key to success is to achieve a high strike rate. Any losing bet will ensure a serious draw-down on the subscriber’s bank. Soccer streaks suggest that a subscriber bets 33% of the bank on each bet. In theory, this will mean the bank will only ever decrease proportionately but 3 successive losers may blow the 70% of your bank. However, from various online sources, Soccer Streaks has achieved sensational winning streaks. Various subscribers have stated that winning streaks of 10 or even 15 are not uncommon and all online sources have shown that Soccer Streaks have an uncanny method of picking winners. Soccer Streaks claim to have a strike rate of 90%.
However, many subscribers are uncomfortable with the high risk staking plan. Many subscribers may never consider betting a third of their bank on any single bet. Soccer Streaks’ edge includes the high stake and compounding. On days when their are multiple selections, Soccer streaks will highlight the preferred selection for VIP subscribers. Many punters may choose to only bet on the strongest bet or perhaps bet the preferred selection at full stake and cut the others back to a reduced stake.
Soccer Streaks believe they have a method with limited risk (due to the low risk matches selected) with potentially huge returns. The returns may well outweigh the risks of the system, but the staking plan can be seen as aggressive.

Most sources state that support via e mail is exceptional. Any queries on stakes are answered honestly and comprehensively.

Soccer Streaks Options

Soccer Streaks offer 2 levels: A guidebook with which the subscriber will use to choose selections that fit the criteria or a VIP subscription service where Soccer Streaks will send the subscriber all the selections that were available for the day.

The Soccer Streaks PDF guidebook contains the strategy and runs to 20 pages. The subscriber also receives a detailed explanation behind the strategy and the recommended staking plan. An easy to follow automated spreadsheet formulated with the staking plan is also included.

If the subscriber chooses the VIP package, they will also receive the hand-picked selections emailed daily and email support. Also included is information on which bookie is offering the best odds, Samples of Soccer Streaks past history and tips on bookie sign ups, free bets and bonus offers

Soccer Streaks Cost

The guidebook option costs £34.99. The VIP option costs the same £34.99 plus an additional £ 9.99 per month or £ 79.99 per year.

Soccer Streaks are offering a 60 day 100% money back guarantee and also offers a referral bonus for every friend that purchases the guidebook.

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