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Geeks Toy Review

Sports Trading Can be as Easy as Playing With Geeks Toy

Geeks Toy is a sports trading software that has been in around since 2009.

Geeks Toy is relatively new compared to Bet Angel, but it still offers a lot of useful features to traders. It was designed specifically for trading in Betfair and Betdaq. Sports trading and Bet Angel were already in existence when this product hit the market. It promised to provide users additional features that Bet Angel wasn’t able to bring.

A small reminder before we go ahead with more details about this product, using Geeks Toy in trading will not guarantee any profits. Just like Bet Angel or any other trading software out there, it’s just a tool that was made to help traders in doing their tasks like analysing the market or executing trades. The decisions that they make will still determine whether they’ll make a profit or lose money.

Download and Installation

The latest version of the Geeks Toy software can be downloaded here! or at geekstoy.com for just £60 for a one year access. Or if you’re still sceptical about this product, you can first download the trial version on the site and use it for 2 weeks absolutely free. Geeks Toy runs on Windows XP, Vista, and 7. Like Bet Angel, Mac users need to install Windows on their computers before they can start using Geeks Toy.

It’s very easy to download and install Geeks Toy. You just need to follow the instructions in downloading and installing it. It runs well in a PC with 1.6ghz single core processor, 1gb of RAM, and 20mb free hard disk space. And it just needs a stable broadband Internet connection to use it in trading.

Practice Mode

This feature is available on both the trial and full version of the software. In this mode, users are given a practice fund worth $10,000 which they can use to bet on whatever market they choose. Of course, this isn’t real money and you can’t really win or lose anything in the practice mode. The fun part in this mode is that you get a chance to experiment with different strategies without the risk of breaking your bank.

Geeks Toy ReviewThe Geeks Toy Interface

Geeks Toy uses a minimalist rectangular interface which occupies a small space on your monitor. It can take some time getting used to it, but once you get a feel for it, you’ll notice that navigating through the different markets can be very easy. Each windows has a question mark button which is easily seen on the right of the minimize or maximize button. Left click it and you’ll see all the things you want to know in using a particular feature. Right click it and you’ll see the different options available about a certain feature.

For example, if you have the price/volume over time chart. If you left click the question mark, a guide about the different settings and features that you can use on the price/volume over time chart will appear. Right clicking it will show you different options like dock, auto refresh settings, and so on.

The Grid Interface which is very familiar to all Betfair users is also available in Geeks Toy but with additional features. Traders can see the amount of bets matched in different odds here plus two sets of floating charts. These charts show the price and volume of matched bets for a particular team.

Traders who like to use the ladder view in Bet Angel can choose to use the horizontal pane view in Geeks Toy. Like in Bet Angel, the horizontal pane view shows the matched bets on a particular odd. Users can also customize arrangement of the odds here either in descending or ascending order.

Advanced Charting

Sports traders like to use charts, and Geeks Toy has lots of them. Choose whatever chart you want to use. Geeks Toys has charts which shows price/volume over time or the Betfair standard, price candlesticks, weight of money, traded volume, and MACD. All of these are useful in analysing the market. Traders can also pin each type of chart on their screen while they do their trades.

Other Cool Features

One of the best features of Geeks Toy is the OCO or Order Cancels Order interface. This lets a trader hedge on his bet to prevent a potential huge loss if things don’t go as planned. He just needs to check the hedge box and set the exit bet according to the price that he likes. This is somewhat similar to the stop loss feature. Before using this function, remember to turn off the “Global Stop Loss” feature.

The cloud functionality for backup is another feature of this product that users should use. It allows the trader to back up his settings in Geeks Toy’s cloud storage; this provides precaution to security issues. If you’re using this product, don’t forget to use this cool feature.

Aside from those, Geeks Toy allows traders to fully customize the appearance and settings of the software according to their own likes. They can arrange the items on each pane according to the order they like. Customization is one big feature of Geeks Toy that traders should explore when they use this product.

No Additional Tools Available

If you’re looking for more special tools in Geeks Toy like Soccer Mystic or an MS Excel connectivity, you’ll be disappointed to know that nothing similar to them are featured on this product. This is a major drawback of using Geeks Toy. Its other features like advanced charting and the grid interface are solid, but this is where its main weakness lies. I hope that in the future, its developers will be able to make additional features on this product that will help sports traders make their trading decisions.

Is it worth buying Geeks Toy?

All in all, Geeks Toy has many useful features that make it worth its price. It may take a while for some to get used to its minimalist interface, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll enjoy pinning charts and markets on your screen.

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