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The Football Betting System 2013/2014 Challenge!

The Football Betting System for 2013/2014?

O.k I’ve decided to change the rules a bit for the very first “Football betting system / review”.

To celebrate the launch of the site I’ve decided to have a bit of fun and set my up own football betting system as a test and challenge for the 2013/14 football season.  With the Kickoff to the English Premier League being only two days away I have decided create some havoc and bend the rules of the site by posting a little test system.  The system and blogroll will run until the end of the season, till I go bust or until I make enough money to live the life of Hugh Hefner, whichever comes first!

Like most betting systems I decided to set myself up a couple of rules and a staking plan. However, being rather stupid! I have decided to bet in hard cash without first paper trading. (A practice that I would usually condone.)


The Football Betting System 2013/2014 Rules:

  • Starting bank of £200.
  • Weekly bets will equal 5% of the total bank.
  • No more than four selections per week.
  • Bets will be either a (Trix selection for three selections) or (four trebles and a fourfold for four selections)
  • All Winning profits will be placed back into the Betting Bank.

So there it is!

A few rules and a couple of pounds set aside for the very first “Football Betting System” by TheBestBettingSystems team.

Selections will be announced prior to Kickoff and Betting Slips will be published should you wish to follow!


The Football Betting System 2013/2014 Challenge! Disclaimer 

The information discussed and published throughout this post and related social media channels is for entertainment purpose only! TheBestBettingSystems.com will not accept any responsibility for any Loss, Damage or Sickness caused by your actions or negligence related to Gambling! Gambling addiction is a serious issue and you should only bet with money that you can afford to lose!

For further information on Gambling addiction please Visit to http://www.gambleaware.co.uk

Best of Luck with your own Football Betting System from all the team at TheBestBettingSystems.com

The Football Betting System 2013/2014 Challenge!

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