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The Best Betting Systems The Gambling Don Preview

The Gambling Don Review

The Gambling Don Overview

The Gambling Don is a horse racing advice service states that provides “the highest quality horse race betting advice from a man very well connected in the industry”. The service claims that during one given period delivered 199.6 points’ profit in just 2 months.

The Gambling Don service delivers a daily via email and includes a starting points bank and staking plan. Once a subscriber purchases the system, they will receive a unique Username and Password to access The Gambling Don website. The subscriber will be signed up to the mailing list and receive the daily tips. The Gambling Don also has an impressive Facebook page where they like to post advice and tips. The Don sends out occasional “free” tips on Saturdays on an email through Betfan who manage the service.

Online sources state that the free tips during this time have been very impressive. In one period, The Don gave out 11 bets of which 6 were winners and they resulted in a profit of 29.75 points. You can receive these freebies either being a member of the service or a subscriber to the BetFan email messages. Accordingly, it is essentially for free.

The Gambling Don recommends that you operate a betting bank of 250 points i.e. a £2,500 would give you £10 point betting. The service bets using between 1 and 10 points per bet with 10 points being a Maximum Bet. They do not have bets every day but state that “you will wager a minimum of 12 major gambles each month”. The Gambling Don states that “we will mostly bet in the higher quality Handicaps and Group or listed races” and “the majority of the big gambles will be on Fridays and Saturdays each week”. The service goes on to say that they do not have bets every day and tend to use the better class races as these ensure the most reliable form and best prices for maximum returns. Like the majority of betting systems or tipping services, The Gambling Don stress the need for patience. They go on to emphasise that every bet will not win and state that profitable betting is a marathon not a sprint, to stick to the given plan and you shall be rewarded.

The Gambling Don” bets are sent to subscribers by email and are usually sent in the morning at around 8 to 9 a.m. Most online sources have admitted that the emails are always received by 10am. One subscriber states that the earliest email was at 6:55am and the latest was 10:10am. Subscribers will also given access to Betfan’s website in order to get the daily selections online if emails fail or this is easier to access. The bets are very straightforward, either win bets or each way.

The Best Betting Systems The Gambling Don PreviewThe Gambling Don Cons

According to one specific online source, over a specific 60 days review the Gambling Don gave 104 selections with a return on 33 of these that produced a level stakes profit of nearly 44 points and an advised stakes profit of nearly 95 points. However the bottom line seems to be that a subscriber would need quite a large bank to live with the volatility. Most online sources have conceded that £1,000 would not be enough as some of the bets have been for 10 points. Not many punters would be keen to risk 10% of the betting bank on one particular selection.

The Gambling Don Cost

The Gambling Don has 3 membership price plans. Bronze membership option is 28 days for £58, Silver membership costs £130 for 90 days and the Gold membership is £199 for 6 months. There is no mention of a money back guarantee anywhere on The Gambling Don website. However, if a subscriber has any questions, they can contact the The Gambling Don support team via the online ticketing system.

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