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The Laying Game Review

The Laying Game Overview

The Laying Game is a piece of laying software created by the famous Steve Davidson from the well known Racing Horse Software. Davidson has produced a number of software systems in the past covering all sorts of activities such as greyhounds, horses and roulette. The software is run off their own servers and is available to anyone around the world.

After purchasing the software, the subscriber will have access to The Laying Game software for 12 months. This works on almost all Windows based PCs but it’s worth noting that you are buying one licence and this will only work on one computer. The subscription fee is to gain access to 12 months of selections. There are no further data charges to pay when using the software so the price of the software is the only cost. The Laying Game software is incredibly easy to use and very straightforward. Once you have downloaded the software to your computer you literally click a button to scan the days races. A list of bets will then show up on your screen – the race, time and the name of the horse.
There is a very neat, user friendly and tidy interface which highlights selections for the user to use as lay bets in his daily betting routine. At the mere touch of a button, selections are highlighted in a clear and concise manner with the name of the selected animals and full details of the race and time. This is very easy to use and would suit both beginner and expert alike.
Like other Steve Davidson services, there is no recommended starting bank but online sources have stated that a relatively small bank of around £200 would be adequate to get started.

The Laying Game issue a clear warning not to lay over odds of 10/2. Laying under 5/1 is the most profitable and they claim a 74% strike rate with a 23% Return on Investment at this level. It is worth noting that the money management and risk management is pretty much left to the individual user. Subscribers will lay up to the price they are comfortable with.

One online review states that during the first 45 days The Laying Game software was selecting anything from two to ten selections, some of which fell by the wayside due to the horse being too pricey or a non-runner. In this 45 day timeframe there were 244 tips that ran, at prices below 5/1, with only 37 losses, making a profit of 125.5 points. The peak, however, came earlier but annoyingly there was a software upgrade.
What the upgrade did was cut down the number of final selections so for the next 45 days the final daily tips only went above two on five occasions. This time there were 74 tips and 18 losses, resulting in an overall profit of 199 points, but only 73.5 points on the second period.
During this period there was yet another upgrade, but myself and many existing subscribers were not informed. This resulted in new subscribers of the product obtaining way more tips. Steve Davidson, then sent me the link to rectify the issue.
The final version gives more selections, but many of the race meetings scanning were from outside the UK. Irish racing was now being selected on a regular basis, and although South African, French and USA races were being scanned, none of the latter turned up on the final selection list.

The Laying Game

It seems The Laying Game has seriously divided opinion in betting circles with some disparity between various subscribers. Like other Steve Davidson services there is some debate as to how successful it is over the long term.

The Laying Game Cost

The price of this service is £59.97.
Money Back Guarantee: Unfortunately there is a no refund policy from The Laying Game in operation.

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