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Zero Risk Trader Review

Zero Risk Trader is a betting system and software used for horse racing. Its developers claim that by using this betting system, “traders can bet on UK and Irish horse races without losing.” That promise may sound too good to be true but they have evidence to prove that this system really works. The official site gave several examples of bets placed on horse races during a time span often lasting many weeks using the system. The stakes and outcomes of the races were documented and so does the profits made. In one example, it claims the trader made more than two thousand pounds after using the system for 53 days.

Zero Risk Trader Review overview

Zero Risk Trader was originally just a betting system used for UK and Irish horse racing. Now, the book comes with a software that was made to help locate trades that are suitable for the system. Traders now have the choice if they just want to read the book and place bets manually or install the application on their PCs and have it assist them in doing their trades. But before we go any further, we should stress the condition that this betting system is designed only for UK and Irish horse races. It may not work with horse racing in other countries like the US and Australia. Its creators, Steve Davidson and Michael claim that with the full understanding of the system and its correct application, punters will surely make a profit from betting in horse races after a certain period of time.

Zero Risk Trader Review features

In order to use the Zero Risk Trader betting system and automated software, one must first have a PC, a stable Internet connection and a Betfair or Betdaq account. Also, he should have a working knowledge of horse race betting. He doesn’t need to be an expert punter, but he should know the principles used in betting well enough so that he can immediately get a firm grasp of the strategies that is discussed in the book.

Generally, this system uses a combination of 4 related bets placed at the same time. The choice of those bets must meet the criteria discussed in the book in order for it to work. By applying the method correctly, punters can be assured at a worst case scenario to breakeven with their bets and make huge profits if things go well. This may be hard to believe especially for sceptics, but this is what its creators claim.

Most punters only know about arbitrage which is a system that uses only 2 related trades. Here instead of 2, 4 are used to minimize the risk and ensure an almost zero loss. While this may sound easy, the strategy is actually complicated to do. This is why they made an auto trade software in addition to the manual.

Punters who plan to use the Zero Risk Trader system are also advised to have accounts in different bookmakers and evenly spread out the bets they place. This is to ensure that the bookmakers will not suspect that they’re now using this system.

Zero Risk Trader Review cost

The Zero Risk Trader manual is available at http://www.zerorisktrader.com/ for £149.95 a copy. Those who also want to have a 3 month access to the auto trade software will have to spend a total of £199.95. The application was recently developed to make the system easier to use. This can be expensive especially to those who only place bets on horse racing for fun. The Zero Risk Trader betting system is for people who are serious punters and really want to make huge profits from horse race betting.

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